Safe Ministry


Safe Ministry refers to God-honouring, life-giving and harm-free ministry.


It includes everyone, from kids to adults. It applies to all ministry experiences, events, programs and interactions. It focuses on spiritual, physical and emotional well-being, participation and safety.


It is also acknowledged that the wider congregation, as well as denominational leaders, have a vital role to play in Safe Ministry.


We all must do all we can to ensure that all people are included and cared for, with special regard to age, gender, culture, ability and vulnerability.


Safe Ministry can often feel like wearing many ‘hats’, and sometimes the ‘hats’ we wear do not feel like they are compatible. eg. pastoral -vs- legal responsibilities.  We need to balance wearing all our ‘hats’  (responsibilities) at once. This may require cultural change.


As Christians, our motivation for ‘being safe’ is more than a risk management exercise and legal responsibility. Safe Ministry is the outworking of James 1:27 “true religion” - caring for the vulnerable (widows & orphans); and an expression of Micah 6:8 “to seek justice, love mercy and walk humbly before our God”.


The Foundations of Safe Ministry which underpin policies & procedures are: God’s love for all people, the gift of boundaries, team ministry, duty of care, and  fulfilling organisational responsibilities. Each of these Foundations needs to be outworked through transparent and accountable policy, procedures and practices, including just and fair processes for responding to grievances and/or allegations of ministry misconduct and/or abuse.



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